Nalini Malani,  All We Imagine as Light , 2017. 11-panel reverse paintings on acrylic, 187 × 106 cm each. Installation view (detail): Sharjah Biennial ‘14

Nalini Malani, All We Imagine as Light, 2017. 11-panel reverse paintings on acrylic, 187 × 106 cm each. Installation view (detail): Sharjah Biennial ‘14


THAD Concentration Alumni

Class of 2019

Gabrielle Banks, BFA in Painting
Anabeth Bostrup, BFA in Illustration ✻
Brigitte Breaux, BFA in Graphic Design
Amy Chen, BFA in Illustration
Christine Cho, BFA in Painting
Jaehee (Jenna) Chun, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Juae Hong, BFA in Painting
Janice J. Kim, BFA in Textiles
Tamao Kiser, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Shuangyi (Lisa) Li, BFA in Textiles
Grant Mahan, BFA in Painting
Francesca Rosati, BFA in Painting
Sophie Sena, BFA in Illustration
Nathaniel Wong, BFA in Printmaking

Class of 2018

Yoo Jung Choi, BFA in Painting
Allyson Church, BFA in Printmaking
So Min Im, BFA in Painting
Megan Lee, BFA in Industrial Design
Anna Pederson, BFA in Textiles
Kiana Shakeraneh, BFA in Illustration
Julia Vohl Pantak, BFA in Illustration
Shuwen Xu, MLA in Landscape Architecture

Class of 2017

Neeti Banerji, BFA in Illustration
Savannah Carlin, BFA in Printmaking
Ashley Chen, BFA in Industrial Design
Willard Chung, BFA in Textiles
Cathy Li, BFA in Illustration
Chenhao Liu, BFA in Graphic Design
Shanaiya Maloo, BFA in Interior Architecture
Phoebe Morrison, BFA in Graphic Design
Isabelle Rose, BFA in Painting
Amy Rubinstein, BFA in Sculpture
Kiana Suchecki, BFA in Industrial Design
Anna Williams, BFA in Textiles

Class of 2016

Ana Baquerizo Carrion, BARCH in Architecture
Ji Seung Choi, BFA in Painting
Chloe Dorgan, BFA in Painting
Megan Farrell, BFA in Illustration
Dominique Fenichell, BFA in Furniture Design
Margaret Finaly, BFA in Ceramics
Ruby Huh, BFA in Ceramics
Ipek Karaoglu, BARCH in Architecture
Ala Lee, BFA in Illustration
Jeong Yoon Lee, BFA in Painting
Heather McLeod, BFA in Illustration
Rebecca Richards, BFA in Illustration
Zachary Weinman, BFA in Textiles
Therese Whang, BFA in Painting
Amanda Wong, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Sofya Zeylikman, BFA in Furniture Design

Class of 2015

Matthew Bohne, BARCH in Architecture
Lela Dixon, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Haoyuan Feng, MLA in Landscape Architecture
Emma Funaki, BFA in Painting
Arielle Haut, BFA in Painting
Yong Jae Kim, BFA in Industrial Design
Fung Yu Leung, BFA in Graphic Design
Jacqueline Lin, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Kaitlyn Mar, BFA in Textiles
Hanna Oh, BFA in Industrial Design
Alanna Reeves, BFA in Illustration
Sarah Vite, BFA in Painting
Lisa White, BFA in Sculpture
Remy Zimmerman, BFA in Illustration

Class of 2014

Hunter Blackwell, BFA in Glass
Stephanie Brown, BFA in Illustration
Samantha Clark, BFA in Photography
Theodore Craig, BFA in Painting
Amber Day, BFA in Textiles
Margaret Goldrainer, BFA in Apparel Design
Yoonah Hong, BFA in Painting
Amanda Hunter, BFA in Painting
Jisun Kim, BFA in Painting
Kyulim Kim, BFA in Textiles
Michelle Ko, BFA in Textiles
Avon Kuo, BFA in Industrial Design
Sang Eun Lee, BFA in Illustration
Michael Lombardo, BFA in Painting
Valentina Maggiolo de Almnenara, BFA in Painting
Susan Merriam, BFA in Apparel Design
Hallie Morrison, BFA in Painting
Carmen Ng, BFA in Furniture Design
Andrew Peters, BFA in Printmaking
David Torres, BFA in Painting

Class of 2013

Hannah Antalek, BFA in Painting
Dailing Chen, BFA in Textiles
Joyce Chen, BFA in Painting
Yan Chen, BFA in Sculpture
Elizabeth Conrad, BFA in Textiles
Christopher Fernald, BFA in Textiles
Eugenah Kim, BFA in Apparel Design
Francesca Lee, BFA in Painting
Brigid Rau, BFA in Textiles
Raine Vasquez, BFA in Printmaking
Shu Jun Wang, BFA in Industrial Design
Sida Wei, BARCH in Architecture

Class of 2012

Holly Broussard, BFA in Graphic Design
Michael Bykovski, BARC in Architecture
Philippe Dwyer, BFA in Graphic Design
Marta Galaz Cancio, BFA in Illustration
Jennifer Garza-Cuen, MFA in Photography
Gee Rin Kim, BARC in Architecture
Shu Min Lim, BFA in Graphic Design
Katherine Meng, BFA in Graphic Design
Katherine Ross, BFA in Painting
Stephanie Ross, BFA in Graphic Design
Richard Saacke, BARC in Architecture
Jacqueline Siefert, BFA in Apparel Design
Hannah Szynal, BFA in Textiles
Ross Tyger, BFA in Printmaking
Marina Vieira, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Justine Yu, BFA in Painting

Class of 2011

Alexandra Allen-Cannon, BFA in Illustration
Lila Ash, BFA in Painting
Adam Charlap Hyman, BFA in Furniture Design
Madeleine Davis, BFA in Furniture Design
Allyson Dufault, BFA in Furniture Design
Margaret Hinge, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Justine Jividen, BFA in Industrial Design
Elizabeth Kozik, BFA.Printmaking
Alexander McCargar, BARC in Architecture
Evan Murphy, BFA in Furniture Design
Susan Nugraha Oey, BFA in Interior Architecture
Saher Qadir, BFA in Furniture Design
Ishrat Sahgal, BFA in Interior Architecture
Rachel Stern, BFA in Photography
Alexandra Surdovel, BFA in Illustration
Kathryn Tedesco, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Antoinette Ticzon, BFA in Apparel Design
August Vollbrecht, BFA in Painting
Isaac Wingfield, MFA in Photography
Allyn Yu, BFA in Textiles

Class of 2010

Esther An, BFA in Industrial Design
Ani Ardzivian, BFA in Graphic Design
Caitlin Chan, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Grant Conboy, BFA in Illustration
Marlene Frontera, BFA in Illustration
Natalie Hogan, BFA in Sculpture
Hannah Kittell, BFA in Apparel Design
Karin Kunori, BFA in Graphic Design
Youngsil Lim, BFA in Painting
Martha Main, BFA in Graphic Design
Lorraine Nam, BFA in Illustration
Maurie O’Dea, MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Ji Yae Park, BFA in Industrial Design
Shannon Sullivan, BFA in Photography
Wendy Wood, BFA in Textiles
Christina Yi, BFA in Apparel Design

Class of 2009

Kallista Angeloff, BFA in Printmaking
Sonia Baltodano, BFA in Furniture
Marian Blair, BFA in Illustration
Lucy Campana, BFA in Painting
Amanda Dandeneau, BFA in Photography
Tracie Davis, BFA in Photography
Amy Fries, BFA in Photography
Jacqueline Frole, BFA in Graphic Design
Erin Gerrity, BFA in Illustration
Francesca Isola, BFA in Apparel Design
Hye-Vin Kim, BARCH in Architecture
Kyung Sun Kim, BFA in Interior Architecture
Michelle Konar, BGD in Graphic Design
Hyun Min Lee, BFA in Photography
Katelyn Mayfield, BARCH in Architecture
Nishita Mehta, BFA in Photography
Nikki Thiess-Kusiak, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Allison Wucher, BFA in Painting
Hugh Zeigler, BFA in Painting

Class of 2008

Jay Ahn, BARCH in Architecture
Lily Alayeva, BFA in Graphic Design
Danielle Andress, BFA in Textiles
Julia Chiplis, BFA in Illustration
Elizabeth Grammaticas, BFA in Painting
Jennifer Kindell, BFA in Illustration
Da-Hye Lee, BARCH in Architecture
Stephanie Lee, BFA in Painting
Kasey Ramirez, BFA in Illustration
Frances Rodriguez, BFA in Textiles
Keiko Andrea Sasaki, BARCH in Architecture

Class of 2007

Alexander Auriema, BARCH in Architecture
Marissa Benedict, BFA in Illustration
Erin Danna, BFA in Illustration
Meghan Gildea, BFA in Industrial Design
Maureen Halligan, BFA in Painting
Megha Khandelwal, BFA in Graphic Design
Caroline May, BFA in Graphic Design
Agata Michalowska, BFA in Printmaking
Vilija Pakalniskis, BFA in Printmaking
Eva Spitzer, BFA in Apparel Design
Diana Vasilyeva, BFA in Illustration
Eric Wendel, BFA in Painting?
Xiaoyan Yang, BARCH in Architecture

Class of 2006

Claudia Arnone, BFA in Illustration
Julia Benjamin, BFA in Painting
Julie Bernstein, BFA in Printmaking
Kirstie Dabbs, BFA in Sculpture
Su-Young Kim, BFA in Furniture
Jamie Kutner, BFA in Printmaking
Seth Mandel, MARCH in Architecture
Laura Putnam, BFA in Painting
Emily Slapin Lufkin, BFA in Illustration

Class of 2005

Garrett Brooks, BFA in Furniture
Rachel Cohn, BFA in Painting
Lauren Indovina, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Carin Johnson, BFA in Illustration
Tighe Kirkland, BARCH in Architecture
Yu Morishita, BARCH in Architecture
Michael Patti, BFA in Graphic Design
Angel Steger, BARCH in Architecture
Ryan Sullivan, BFA in Painting
Fo Wilson, MFA in Furniture
Jade Hee-Kyung Yang, BFA in Apparel Design

Class of 2004

Katherine Aber, BFA in Industrial Design
Daniel Bouthot, BFA in Printmaking
Chen Cheng Chou, BARCH in Architecture
Yekaterina Ginzburg, BFA in Illustration
Erica Hendrickson, BFA in Illustration
Gray Horne, MFA in Graphic Design
Courtney Hurst, BFA in Illustration
Kathleen Hutchison, BFA in Illustration
Alexis Knowlton, BFA in Painting
Maggie Ma, BARCH in Architecture
Hor Yee Wong, BARCH in Architecture

Class of 2003

Nicholas Alder, BFA in Illustration
Raissa Bump, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Natalie Espinosa, BFA in Furniture
Matthew Fairbank, BFA in Furniture
Amy Feldman, BFA in Painting
Matthew Jewell, BFA in Painting
Ju Yun Lee, BFA in Textiles
Megan Lindeman, BFA in Painting
Ryan McLaughlin, BFA in Painting
Soo Moon, BFA in Graphic Design
Betty Ng, MIA in Interior Architecture
Joo Hyun Park, BFA in Graphic Design
Jennifer Rolfsema, BFA in Graphic Design
Seungwon Shin, BID in Industrial Design
William Tracey, BFA in Furniture

Class of 2002

Edith Fake, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Lindsey Harty, BFA in Sculpture
Benjamin Ho, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Tamako Ito, BARCH in Architecture
Delia Kovac, BFA in Printmaking
Megan Leary-Crist, BFA in Furniture
Julie Matheis, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Lisa Muslin, BARCH in Architecture
Daniel Reynolds, BFA in Graphic Design
Nicole Rim, BFA in Graphic Design
Cheuk Lam Tang, BID in Industrial Design
Melissa Torpie, BFA in Glass
Lauren Tremaine, BFA in Textiles
Charwei Tsai, BFA in Industrial Design
Heather Woodworth, BFA in Photography

Class of 2001

Shireen Batliwala, BFA in Textiles
Daniel Bruce, BFA in Sculpture
Andrianna Campbell, BFA in Printmaking
Radhika Desai, MIA in Interior Architecture
Rachel Deutsch-Brusky, BFA in Illustration
Robert Hult, BFA in Painting
Ann Kennedy, BFA in Painting
Brian Kievning, BFA in Industrial Design
Carol LeBaron, MFA in Textiles
Thomas Ovlisen, BFA in Painting
Alta Price, BFA in Printmaking
Jaeyun Shin, BFA in Painting
Tanya Somanna, BFA in Interior Architecture
Meagan Tabry, BFA in Graphic Design
Jason Yoon, BFA in Painting

Class of 2000

Carey Ascenzo, BFA in Sculpture
Julia Balfour, BFA in Graphic Design
Christine Boudreaux, BFA in Illustration
Perri Chinalai, BFA in Photography
Ian Dapot, BFA in Printmaking
Megan Foster, BFA in Printmaking
Charlotte Gapp, BFA in Painting
Peter Gemei, BFA in Glass
Jessica Henricks, BFA in Sculpture
Yoon Kim, MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Bethany Koby, BFA in Graphic Design
Monique Momjian, BFA in Apparel Design
Karen Ondracek, BFA in Textiles
Nagisa Otsubo, BFA in Graphic Design
Simon O’Young, BARCH in Architecture
Kristina Paabus, BFA in Illustration
Sara Rafferty, BFA in Photography
Shubhani Sarkar, BFA in Graphic Design
Samantha Troy, BFA in Graphic Design
Erica Van Varick, BFA in Illustration
Queenie Wong, BFA in Illustration
Karla Wozniak, BFA in Painting

Class of 1999

Rebecca Brillhart, BFA in Film / Animation / Video
Mutsuko Bunnag, BFA in Illustration
Kathleen Burke, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Lawrence Cromwell, MFA in Painting
Lisa Fisher, BFA in Graphic Design
Sarah Gurney, BFA in Printmaking
Matthew Hrudka, BFA in Painting
Sharon Lee-Chibli, BFA in Industrial Design
Erin Madorsky, BFA in Photography
Jonathan Michaud, BFA in Textiles
Molly Smith, BFA in Painting
Rachel Welter, BFA in Painting
Melanie Willhide, BFA in Photography

Class of 1998

Jawaher Al-Bader BARCH in Architecture
Tawnya Artisst-Anderson, BFA in Illustration
Whitney Bedford, BFA in Painting
Courtney Fanning-Desmarais, BFA in Printmaking
Pia Griffin, BFA in Textiles
Michelle Ho, BARCH in Architecture
Melissa Kosak, BFA in Illustration
Demetrius Oliver, BFA in Painting
Maureen Staley, BFA in Printmaking

Class of 1997

Virginia Annibale, BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Carrah Castellanos, BFA in Photography
Katherine Chen, BFA in Illustration
Robert Gurney, BARCH in Architecture
Erin Hall, BFA in Textiles
Roman Karas, BFA in Printmaking
Josephina Kim, BFA in Industrial Design
Holly Lampen, BFA in Painting
William Lowe, BARCH in Architecture
Kelly Murdock Solon, BARCH in Architecture
Sasha Nourafchan, BFA in Painting
Alison Price, BFA in Textiles
Leigh Renshaw, BFA in Textiles
Andres Rosarios, BARCH in Architecture
Heather Royer, BFA in Apparel Design
Carmen Salazar, BFA in Sculpture
Rahoul Singh, BARCH in Architecture
Brooke Thomas, BFA in Painting

Class of 1996

John Effinger, BFA in Illustration
Anthi Frangiadis, BARCH in Architecture
Christina Grosso, BFA in Painting
Amy Honchell, BFA in Photography
Smaragda Panayotarou, BFA in Illustration
Samantha Steinberg, BFA in Illustration

Class of 1995

Akiko Hamazaki-Rastoul, BFA in Apparel Design
Shana Hurkala, BFA in Photography
Ashley Short, BFA in Textiles