Zarina, Bhimji, Yellow Patch (still from video, detail), 2011

Zarina, Bhimji, Yellow Patch (still from video, detail), 2011



The Art History Research Colloquium is a monthly forum for intellectual conversation amongst RISD faculty, staff, students, and invited guests. It provides an opportunity for members of the community to share their current work in progress, research interests, and approaches to pedagogy in an informal but collaborative environment.

Grouped around the theme of “Rethinking Art History,” these presentations invite dialogues that provoke a reconsideration of what art and design look like from a twenty-first-century vantage point, and from a variety of perspectives. In a moment of disciplinary and global crossroads, new voices, methodologies, and histories are especially urgent. This series asks us to reconsider the assumptions that continue to circumscribe our thinking about art and design, and the limits that still demarcate the horizons of the field of art history. It emphasizes new or unacknowledged modes of looking, making, and being that may come into focus once those assumptions and those limits begin to be questioned.


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