THAD Concentrators Graduation Reception

Gabrielle Banks,  Long Distance , 2019, oil on canvas, 47 × 72 in.

Gabrielle Banks, Long Distance, 2019, oil on canvas, 47 × 72 in.

The Department of Theory and History of Art and Design at RISD is honored to announce that on May 31, 2019, the Concentration Certificate will be conferred on 14 of the highly talented seniors who are graduating this year.

Our graduating concentrators are:

  1. Gabrielle Banks, BFA in Painting

  2. Anabeth Bostrup, BFA in Illustration

  3. Brigitte Breaux, BFA in Graphic Design

  4. Amy Chen, BFA in Illustration

  5. Christine Cho, BFA in Painting

  6. Jaehee (Jenna) Chun, BFA in Film/Video/Animation

  7. Ju Ae Hong, BFA in Painting

  8. Janice J. Kim, BFA in Textiles

  9. Tamao Kiser, BFA in Film/Video/Animation

  10. Shuangyi (Lisa) Li, BFA in Textiles

  11. Grant Mahan, BFA in Painting

  12. Francesca Rosati, BFA in Painting

  13. Sophie Sena, BFA in Illustration

  14. Nathaniel Wong, BFA in Printmaking

Image credit:
Gabrielle Banks, Long Distance, 2019
Oil on canvas, 47 × 72 in.